Wherever Voters don’t understand the dynamics of the politics governing their country, the result is just anybody wanting to be their country’s leader. The trend of Nigerians voting for the same persons that have failed them in the service to their nation is a reflection of the very low mentality of a country bedeviled by religion, ethnicity and corruption.

When and where Voters get decides to get an understanding of the history, political experiences , and the difficult economic conditions prevailing against them as a result of bad governance, they will awake to the realities and pitfalls of their nation regardless of all the falsehood of their political class.
Nigerians should rise up to vote out all those who have failed in wisdom and clarity to lead Nigeria right into prosperity.

Majority of those vying for public offices, especially those that have been in public space for more than 12 years should never be allowed to return into elected offices, they have never had the back of Nigeria, they are a great part of the failure of a system that has traded away the future of young Nigerians. Those that have bought forms to be president for 100 million and 40 million do not deserve to be part of our public service again. They will remain a corrupt stumbling block to a better Nigeria.

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