A Chocolate love story – Ini Dima’s Tasty Fairy Tale


A Chocolate love story – Ini Dima’s Tasty Fairy Tale
Love is a beautiful thing we all agree, so when you hear the word love what comes to mind? What’s your idea of love? What’s your definition of a perfect love story?

For one it might be butterflies in your belly, for others, it might be flowers, others might say a Cinderella story, and some might even say it the old traditional way but the chocolate, persistence and determination were it for Ini Dima Okoji.

Craving chocolate and ranting how she couldn’t find crispy chocolate in Lagos led her husband Abasi right to her email. Mr Abasi who was a fan of her sent her a mail titled ‘Maltesers from London’ and said he had seen her rant on Instagram, was currently in London at that time and would love to send her chocolates. A week later a bag of chocolates was sent to her. At that point, he proved he wasn’t just a fan.

Two years later, despite how many times she pushed back, and how long it took for her to come around, Abasi kept fighting until she became his. Ini said ‘I do’ to Abasi on the 28th of May 2022.

For them, chocolate was the beginning of their love story, it cheers to forever, for them Maltesers chocolate will always be significant. Everyone has a love story, what’s yours?

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