-Victor Bassey

The ancient story of beautiful fashion first stated in Africa as far back as 8 B. C. when great Africans adore their bodies with beautiful and colorful weaved materials along side ornaments and perfume fragrance extracted from plants. Tattoos and body marks unknown to other continents as of that time were used as marks of identification and also proudly wore back then as Africans.

Photo by odunsi

The time is now for African fashion designers to utilize our long colonial experiences fused with globalization to push African fashion into global acceptance despite barriers and unequal opportunities in the international Fashion stage.

With the rebirth and evolvement of African fashion after centuries of unfair judgement and remarks about its creativity, our continental fashion products should heavily be promoted as mark of our cultural identity. Africans should wear more of made in Africa clothings refusing to give in to the vain clothings that has no root with who we are.

Anytime you think of stylish Fashion think Africa. Get yourself as many as you can afford of our colourful and beautiful Ankara wax-print clothings , wear your Niger delta, kaftan, buba and shokoto, etc. Get yourself into the African sunlight in the uniqueness of who you are. Smell good, be a proud promoter of made in Africa.

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