Political irresponsibility of governments of most African Nations is often seen in their leaders’ profligacy that goes hand in hand with avarice provided they can make much money and remain in power for a long time at the expense of the people they govern.

Most African politicians are at the top of their games to capture the power and make huge profits in the name of rendering public service. It’s reasoned, that politics should produce money for those that take the risk of investing in it. It’s also expected the political party in power should enrich its members by giving appointments and carving out avenues for them to make money even if as proceeds of corruption.

For smacking their greed, African politicians focus more on national wealth sharing and squandering than on national wealth creation and development.

Unsurprisingly, this fusion of cutthroat capitalism has destroyed the once viable African mixed economy for capitalism that creates nothing but dependent on debts and natural resources exploration revenues through which the national treasury is looted as measures of scooping up the rewards as personal gains of their victories at the poll.

Victor Bassey

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