Alleged match fixing Sierra Leone FA probes 91-1, 95-0 scores

-Ikenna Okafor

The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has launched an investigation into two first-division matches that finished with scorelines of 91-1 and 95-0, describing them as impractical results.

The West African country’s soccer governing body said it was investigating officials and players who were involved in the two fixtures, in which Gulf FC defeated Koquima Lebanon 91-1 and Lumbenbu United were beaten 95-0 by Kahula Rangers in the Eastern Regional Super 10 League.

The SLFA said it had zero tolerance for “match manipulation or anything of the sort”.

The governing body confirmed it planned to investigate the Eastern Region Football Association, all officials designated to officiate both matches, as well as players and officials of all four teams (Gulf FC, Koquima Lebanon FC, Kahunla Rangers FC and Lumbembu United FC).

“The general public is therefore assured that the said matter will be thoroughly investigated and anyone found culpable will face the full force of the law,” it said in a statement.

If confirmed, the two scorelines would rank among the highest recorded in soccer history.

The highest is thought to have occurred in Madagascar in 2002 when AS Adema beat SO l’Emyrne 149-0. The SO l’Emyrne players intentionally scored one own goal after another in protest over refereeing decisions with which they disagreed.

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