Asa Sues Joeboy and Tempoe for Copyright Infringement 

-O. Adejo

Nigerian musician Asa has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against singer Joeboy and producer Tempoe for Joeboy’s song “Contour.” The singer is requesting 300 million naira from them. Asa’s lawyers included the lawsuit in a letter addressed to Joeboy. Joeboy captioned the letter “lol” on his Instagram story.

According to the letter, Asa and Tempoe composed the song for Contour during a recording session in September 2020. They also claimed that their client had never authorised Tempoe to use the composition.

For this reason, the lawyers want the song removed from all streaming platforms within the next 24 hours. They also demand that Joeboy and Tempoe apologise to their client and refrain from further breaches in the future. Asa is also requesting 300 million naira in damages and a 60% cut of the split sheet.

A few months ago, there were reports that Tempoe sued Asa for copyright infringement on two songs from her 2022 album, “V,”. Her ‘IDG,’ which featured Wizkid, and “Love me or give me red wine” were the songs. Asa’s lawsuit against Joeboy and Tempoe appears to be retaliation. At this time, it is unclear how far either party is willing to go to resolve the situation.

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