Burna Boy’s Police Escorts in Custody over club shoot out

O. Adejo

The Lagos police command allegedly detained five police escorts assigned to Grammy-award winner Burna Boy for allegedly shooting civilians.

According to reports, police escorts opened fire on some clubgoers at Club Cubana in Lagos.

The singer arrived at the club with his police escorts around 4 a.m. on June 8, and while four of them waited outside, one of them, Inspector Ibrahim, followed Burna Boy into the club.

VIP magazine gathered from multiple witnesses that the singer asked Ibrahim to invite a woman to join him in VIP, and the lady’s husband insisted that making advances on his wife was disrespectful.

After a few minutes, however, Burna Boy allegedly made new advances on her, infuriating the husband and his friends.

As things heated up, Ibrahim was said to have fired his service pistol several times while Burna Boy laughed. Irebami Lawrence, 27, was shot in the thigh, and his friend Tolu was shot in the head.

Burna Boy reportedly left the country the next day for Spain following the shooting.

Jide, Irebami’s brother, took to social media to criticize the singer, stating that his brother had returned to Nigeria a week ago for his wedding. He also accused Cubana’s management of being complicit in the incident and failing to intervene, adding that they had failed to contact his family since the incident.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Hundeyin, spokesman for the state police command, stated that the officers were the focus of the investigation, adding that they had not received a complaint from the victim.

Burna Boy and his team have yet to respond to the allegations.

This is not the singer’s first involvement in claims of targeted violence against other parties.

In 2017, the Lagos police command declared him wanted in connection with the robbery attack on Mr. 2kay at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

Tunmise Omotore, the suspected robbers’ gang leader, claimed that they were acting on the orders of Burna Boy’s road manager at the time, Joel Kantiock.

However, after being seen partying together in 2021, both singers appear to have settled their feud.

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