Court Orders R. Kelly to Pay Over 300k to His Victims for Medical Care 

-O. Adejo

American musician, R Kelly was sentenced to pay $300,668 to one of his abuse victims to help pay for her herpes and psychiatric care. The decision has not yet been completed, according to sources, but Judge Ann Donnelly of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York determined that R. Kelly must pay the victims, Jane and Stephanie.

They also said that Stephanie will receive an undisclosed sum for her herpes and psychological treatment, while Jane will receive $300,668. However, another victim, Sonja, was refused any type of restitution.

R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison a few months ago for nine counts, including racketeering, transferring individuals across state lines for criminal sexual activity, coercion and inducement, and transportation of a minor. The victims, in this case, are linked to that trial and will be compensated.

In addition, R. Kelly was recently convicted guilty of three of thirteen counts of child pornography in the state of Illinois. He has yet to be sentenced in that case, but there are reports that he could face the same length of time as in his New York case, as well as having to pay reparations to his victims. However, there are rumours that he is currently short of cash to pay the victims of his illicit activities. 

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