Escalating Insecurity in Abuja Raises Alarms: A Closer Look at Recent Kidnappings

In Nigeria, the unfortunate reality of frequent kidnappings has become a distressing norm for citizens. However, the recent surge in insecurity within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), particularly Abuja, has reignited concerns and shattered the prevailing nonchalance. The capital city, deemed the seat of power, is grappling with a rising wave of kidnappings, challenging the notion that such heinous crimes should be immune within its borders.

One of the most affected areas is the Bwari Area Council, which has witnessed an alarming increase in abductions over the past few weeks. A case that has garnered significant media attention involves the abduction of Alhaji Mansoor Al-Kadiyar and his six daughters. The kidnappers, releasing the father after demanding a ransom of N60 million—N10 million per daughter—tragically took the life of one of the girls, Nabeeha, 11 days after the initial abduction. While there is hope for the remaining five girls, with the raising of 50 million Naira facilitated by Malam Isa Pantami, the incident underscores the urgent need to address the escalating security challenges.

In the wake of this grim incident and a surge in other heinous crimes, residents of the FCT find themselves deeply unsettled. Both the city centre and its outskirts have become hotspots characterised by frequent and indiscriminate incidents of robbery and abduction targeting motorists and commuters. Concerned individuals are voicing their apprehensions on popular social media platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter).

A Twitter user with the handle @kydah_yusuf expressed, “We’re not only unsafe in the streets but also in our homes. The kidnapping of six young girls from their home is a despicable act. This is not the Abuja @elrufai envisioned; sir, we implore you to address and tackle these issues.”

Similarly, @emmaikumeh tweeted, “No fewer than 11 persons have been kidnapped in the Sagwari Estate Layout, Dutse-Alhaji area of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Gunmen, reportedly dressed as military personnel, invaded the community on Sunday at about 7:30 pm. Abuja is becoming very unsafe.”

Echoing these sentiments, @greglanre expressed, “How can Abuja be so unsafe? A federal capital? Where the president, vice president, senators, and house of rep members reside? Do you know the amount of police and army presence it has? Something isn’t right!”

The pressing question now is what actions security operatives and the FCT administration, led by Nyesom Wike, will take to curtail and eradicate the disturbing trend of kidnappings and abductions plaguing the FCT.

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