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-Shimi Peter

Nigeria is a vast country with great diversity of people and rich culture. The country’s remarkable range of natural geographic beauty and contemporary attractions makes it one of Africa’s top tourist destinations. These tourism sites are spread across the 36 states of the country and the Capital city of Abuja is our first-port-of-call  in this fun-exploration series.

In more than one way, Abuja has an image to uphold as the capital city of Africa’s most populous nation. Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the country, Abuja is dotted with various outdoor and indoor relaxation sites, each with their peculiar features that fascinates residents and visitors alike.We have put together a short but engaging list of to-go locations where you are guaranteed a memorable experience. 

Interestingly, these are sites that can be visited either during the day or in the evenings.. Also, there is a spot for everyone whether you fancy outdoor adventures or an indoor fun experience 

Jabi Boat Club: This is arguably one of the best stops for planned family outings or a little outdoor romantic bubble in the city. The club is a water based recreational resort and facility  with various water sport activities open for all ages. With a ‘Beach like vibe’, the outdoor seating has an amazing view of Jabi lake,  as well as an exquisite variety of food on the menu. If you are looking to have some fun alongside a nice boat ride, the Jabi Boat Club is certainly a right pick.

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Almat Farms:  Located in the food basket of the capital city Almat Farms present their guests with a natural green scene that seems almost like an Amazonian getaway. The farm boasts lush gardens and a zoo that brings you to the edge of a safari experience with a touch of traditional African vibe and an amazing view. Great for tourists, it has lovely hut-like apartments and it is the right place for a weekend jaunt with loved ones. Although, it is a long trip away from the city centre, the overall experience is  totally worth the distance.

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Hiking Abuja Trails: this is another exciting outdoor activity that comes highly recommended for those who love the sweaty side of fun.  Though long and vigorous, hiking is always fun and stress relieving especially when done with a group of friends. Maitama hill, Katampe Hike trail peak and Wonderland Twin peaks are lovely hills to go hiking when you are in Abuja, so be sure to gear up for an astounding experience. 

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Not an outdoor person? No need to worry because Abuja has great indoor spots. Here we go!

Thought Pyramid Art Centre is a must go if you are an art lover with a deep appreciation for creativity. Located in the heart of Abuja, the art centre is a beautiful, wide and classy space in an aesthetically brilliant environment. The centre is a mix of both modern and contemporary art with an impressive display of amazing paintings and breath-taking sculptures. 

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An oasis for art lovers and culture enthusiasts, Nike Art Gallery is a true expression of African culture. Located inPiwoyi, along the Airport Road, the gallery has an alluring display of history and art. The gallery boasts a robust collection of about 8,000 artworks from various Nigerian artists. Want to have a glimpse of traditionalAfrican arts and crafts? Then this gallery should be on your bucket list.

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Trukadero by CityBowlis an indoor gaming centre in Wuse II with a variety of games ranging from bowling to karaoke, snooker bar and lots more. It spots a relaxation lounge and a lovely outdoor sitting fused with an afrocentric theme. Their bowling alley and mouth-watering restaurant menu are the highlight experience for most visitors. It’s a place to go with friends and loved ones. Oh! Don’t forget to dress casual and you might want to go with your comfy pair of sneakers for a total bowling experience.  

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(Source – The red continental).                                (Source – Ou travel and tour)

Where are my foodies at? Of course we won’t leave you out, there are tons of restaurants;   Dunes, Cilantro, Hustle and Bustle, 355 Steakhouse, Zuma Grill and much more. These places are known for good food and class, you shouldn’t sleep on these. 

Filled with luxury and class, the capital city is a great place for both indoor and outdoor lovers. Touring Abuja is an amazing experience that must be included in your vacay list. And when you get around to it, be sure to share those memorable experiences with your local tourist.

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