German President Steinmeier Arrived Kyiv on Official Visit 

O. Adejo

German President Frank Walter Steinmeier arrived in Kyiv by train today, for his first visit to Ukraine since the conflict with Russia began on February 24th.

Following his arrival, the President stated unequivocally that Germany will continue to support Ukraine economically, politically, and militarily. He went on to urge Germans back home not to forget the suffering and hardship that the war has caused the people of Ukraine.

President Steinmeier also expressed his joy at being in Ukraine to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Throughout the eight months of the war, he praised them for their fortitude, courage, and unyieldingness.

The President was supposed to make the trip last Thursday, but it was postponed due to the tense security situation in Kyiv, which had been bombed several times by drones and Russian missiles.

Earlier in April, Steinmeier had planned a trip to the war-torn country with the presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. However, the Ukrainian government refused to invite him due to his recent pro-Russian stance.

President Steinmeier and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were able to settle their diplomatic differences via phone call in May, with the Ukrainian President inviting him to visit. Other German politicians, including German Chancellor Olof Scholz, have visited Ukraine since the war began.

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