Internet Access Restricted in Iran as Protests Continue 

-O. Adejo

Protests in Iran continue over the death of Mahsa Amini, who was said to have died after being arrested on September 13th for not wearing a hijab. According to reports, she died in custody after three days, sparking protests across Iran.


Access to Instagram and WhatsApp has been blocked in the country as a result of the ongoing protests. Prior to the protests, Facebook and Twitter were banned.

Users also reported slow internet in various cities, with reports that the government is attempting to jam the signals.

The United Nations (UN) commission on Human Rights has called for an independent investigation into Amini’s death, citing reports that she was beaten on the head with a baton, indicating torture and violence.

The police, for their part, have denied any signs of torture or violence and claim that Amini, 22, died of heart failure. Her family, on the other hand, claims she was in good health prior to her arrest.

Hijab and loose-fitting clothing laws have been in effect in Iran since 1979, following the Islamic revolution. During the protests, women resorted to burning their hijabs in order to protest police brutality.

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