Letter to the Wifey – Billionaire Lebron James appreciates his Queen on Instagram Post

-O. Adejo

A few days ago, Forbes revealed that American professional basketball player LeBron James has officially become a billionaire, making him the first active NBA player to do so.

Following the report, the athlete took to Instagram to express his gratitude to his wife, Savannah James.

LeBron admits in the open letter to Savannah that she has been his rock since the beginning and that they have been through thick and thin together.

“I often wonder where I would be without you,” the touching note continued.
As he closes the note, King James, as the athlete is commonly known, admits openly to the world that he is nothing without his Queen. He wrote:
Quick letter to my Queen, Simply just letting you know that I appreciate you more than this world has to offer!! Been holding this sht down from the very first jump ball! With all the BS that comes into our lives throughout the years and on the daily you’ve never waved, fluttered or allowed yourself to simply not be strong for me, us but more importantly YOU!! Where would I be today w/o you I think to myself quite often. The answer usually comes back to “not even close to where you would have wanted to be in life”! This is my appreciation post to you my Queen because I’m simply letting you and the world know I ain’t sht without you! All I need in this life of sin is me and my girlfriend aka best friend aka wife! Love, King.

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