Niger Coup: West African Leaders Warn of Possible Military Intervention

Following the recent coup that resulted in the ousting of President Mohammed Bazoum in Niger, West African leaders have issued a stern warning, threatening military action against the country’s junta.

Emergency discussions were urgently convened by ECOWAS leaders in Nigeria on Sunday to address the critical situation unfolding in Niger after the coup that led to a change in power.

ECOWAS has issued a strict ultimatum, giving the junta a seven-day deadline to reinstate President Bazoum, who is currently under the control of the presidential guards unit in Niamey.

In a strongly worded statement, the regional bloc declared that it would take all necessary measures to restore constitutional order if its demands were not met within the given timeframe. The statement explicitly mentioned that such measures might include the use of force. To that effect, military chiefs are set to hold immediate meetings.

Notably, this is the first time ECOWAS has threatened military action to reverse a coup.

In response to the warning from ECOWAS and unspecified Western nations, General Abdourahmane Tchiani, who has declared himself Niger’s new leader, staunchly defended his position. He reiterated his determination to defend the nation against any outside intervention in a statement read out on television late Saturday.

In the wake of the coup, ECOWAS and the eight-member bloc have enforced a strict no-fly zone over Niger, aiming to curtail potential movements that could escalate the situation. Additionally, all land borders with the country have been closed to prevent any unauthorized crossings that could pose risks to regional security. Furthermore, all financial transactions with Niger have been halted as part of the measures taken by the regional bloc.

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