Nigeria now a fashion hot spot- Bunmi Odunsi

It’s a well known fact that the field of fashion design offers endless opportunities for expression. This creativity is essential for success in the fashion industry, where innovation and originality are highly valued. Bunmi Odunsi is a versatile fashion designer with multiple years of experience in the industry. VIP Magazine caught up with her as she spoke about the trends coupled with the glitz and glamour of fashion.

Tell me about yourself and what’s your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
As a teenager, fashion fascinated me. I loved to visualise and sketch designs I imagined. I took pride in helping many of my friends and family pick outfits I had thought would sit well on them. The outfits I picked always turned out to be perfect. The likes of Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell on the runway back in the day excited me and piqued my interest in fashion. My favourite parts about being a fashion designer are creative thinking and being able to communicate my thoughts and design to the client’s satisfaction

What are the most critical aspects of the fashion industry?
Manufacturing and Sustainability.These two are so important because focusing on alternative ways of producing fabrics and the proper disposal of waste material from the process itself go a long way in reducing any negative impact to the environment.

Are your designs influenced by the colours and trends of the season?
The fashion industry is dynamic and trends are constantly evolving. Colour is such a big part of the design process. Colour transcends hues. For instance, the right colour can elevate the richness or texture of a fabric or design. I follow fashion news and try to stay informed.

In your opinion, what are some important skills or traits for fashion designers?
Perhaps the most important trait is creativity. Being able to create innovative patterns and ideas to bring about a blend of reality. A designer should also have an eye for the most flattering silhouette for a body type.

Why did you choose to pursue a career as a fashion designer?
My goal is to help women look and feel good about themselves. A happy woman can do great things

Can you describe your knowledge and experience with different fabrics and materials?
I love to work with cotton fabrics. It lends itself to manipulation. Origami is my favourite technique when it comes to manipulation of cotton. I also like silks because it does not require much manipulation but when cut right, it accentuates a woman’s silhouette in the best way possible.

Tell me about your experience working with models and other industry professionals
I strive to keep things professional. Working with people can be challenging but overall, it’s been rewarding and the experience gained, immeasurable.

Are your designs influenced by the colours and trends of the season?
Seasons sometimes do sway my designs but not to the extent that other stimuli such as art, music and everyday objects do.

How did your education prepare you for this role?
My education exposed me to a totally different approach to design in variance to what I learnt in an unorthodox manner. It taught me to prepare to readjust and to be versatile when the occasion calls for it.

-Ikenna Okafor