Abubakar Gambo

Leadership conveys power to a bearer in acting to realize certain objectives that other persons are also involved in. It’s difficult to understand why Africans can’t stop unaccountable governance instituted by the majority as demanded by democracy. It is clear Africans do not repose confidence in their leaders. 

In this state of despair and bitterness, both leaders and followers forget that for power to be productive, the majority must be indeed willing to yield to it rather than the bearers of power thriving on their followers’ ignorance forgetting their followers need to believe in their government for cooperation and participation to achieve the communal needs peoples’ hope is tight too.

There is a need to explore Nigeria’s laws to redefine its leadership effectiveness.

It’s a sorry situation for almost every story of Leadership in Africa to be held in contempt, condemnation, hatred and abuse. Africans must face facts and demand stronger constitutional provisions for accountability that make those in positions of leadership be ready to account for their actions in office since African leaders will never acknowledge how poor governance drain our nation’s resources, affects lives and stunt infrastructural development.

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