-Kayode Esho

It’s a fact much politics has been put into almost everything happening in Nigeria. The insecurity in Nigeria is no exception as circumstances connecting it together glaringly show.

This challenge and the economy should be the focused questions all presidential aspirants should answer completely.
Our intelligence gathering should become more proactive using mostly Indigenous people along each regional lines within our country.

The objectives of finding ways of peacefully securing the lives and properties of Nigerians such that it can meaningfully impact the whole country without the politics of ethnicity and religion taking its shenanigans into it should be our utmost priority. The power of assault should be given to this regional forces for quicker response purposes while the Central command of our armed forces should only maintain a supervisory role ensuring rules are followed in all operations in the regions.

Without disconnecting politics from the policies that drives our security, there cannot be an end to our insecurity no matter the election rhetoric of our politicians.

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