Spain’s coach slams Federation over sacking…Calls it unfair

Spain’s Women football coach, Jorge Vilda has called out the Spanish Football Federation over his sacking yesterday afternoon. Vilda is unhappy and feels the decision was absolutely unfair.

In the fallout from the scandal involving the Spanish federation president Luis Rubiales, all members of the coaching staff resigned after winning the World Cup. Vilda was the only one who refused to resign and was seen applauding Rubiales at an emergency meeting that he would not resign over his actions in Sydney, Australia.

“In sporting terms, I am going to accept all the criticisms, but on a personal level I think it has been unfair,” Vilda said.

“It has been a special year. Nothing has ever been said directly, but indirectly things have been said that do not suit me. Things have been said that are not true.”

It coud be recalled that Rubiales had kissed Spain midfielder Jenni Hermoso (during the presentation ceremony) on the lips which she says she did not consent to while he also grabbed his crotch in the VIP area celebrating the win, standing just metres from Spain’s Queen Letizia and her teenage daughter.

Meanwhile, Spain now have a new coach following the appointment of Monte Tome, who becomes the country’s first-ever female head coach of the Women’s football team. She was part of Jorge Vilda’s coaching staff at the 2023 World Cup which they won.

Ikenna Okafor