-Victor Bassey

Nigerian political parties are politically structured organizations that bring together people in order to satisfy their interests and the socio-economic needs of their communities and nation.

These political parties are mass parties with an elitist regimes governing their operations and holding power wherever they win elections in mostly controversial circumstances. They lack internal democracy and their manifestos are non-existing or unachievable. Their sole goal is to capture and hold power for as long as they can. This fact lead immensely to the triumph of fierce capitalism and wide spread corruption that till date continues eating deeply into the body politics of the Nigerian Nation.

Many party members cannot endure their party crisis as they are political traders who engage in buying and selling of votes, orchestrating all sorts of malpractices, commit extra judicial killings, order arson and are mostly political traitors without much values except their love for money and positions of affluence.

The lack of deference for the people they represent constitute a serious problem that has made them completely unable to solve the National problems of growing poverty level , unemployment, insecurity, lack of power generation, dis-unity, inadequate educational and health infrastructure etc.

The two major Nigerian political parties- the All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) have over the years foisted unacceptable poor governance and service delivery to the Nigerian people who they represent and govern. Regrettably, many party members are unpatriotic as well as religiously and ethnically bigoted even as they benefit little or nothing from the system.

The two major parties are governed by Northern hegemony, South-West and South-East dichotomy, South – South and North Central polarization and the marginalization of other minor ethnic groups.

These parties have failed to work for the unity and progress of Nigeria, they are unable to fathom out a destiny for Nigeria as their ruling members continue enjoying immunity in the face of unaccountable governance and a nation going nowhere slowly.

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