Tinubu Meets Deadline, Replaces Four Names on Ministerial List

-O. Obaremi

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has only four more days to unveil his cabinet, in line with the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment mandates presidents and governors to submit names of ministerial and commissioner nominees within 60 days of taking the oath of office. President Tinubu assumed office on May 29, 2023, giving him until July 27, 2023, to unveil his cabinet.

The ruling party has clarified that the President is currently engaged in extensive consultations before finalizing his list of ministerial nominees. The list will be submitted to the Senate for screening and confirmation.

However, this process has led to various speculations across different media platforms, with different lists circulating. Multiple reports indicate that the President is still in the process of editing his list and making final adjustments. Notably, four names on the initial list have been replaced with new names. The delay is likely influenced by the ongoing political dynamics surrounding the choice of the APC National Chairman.

The competition for the APC National Chairman position is a significant factor impacting the cabinet selection. The contest involves two prominent figures, former Nasarawa State Governor Tanko Al-Makura and former Kano State Governor Dr. Umaru Ganduje. However, Ganduje’s alleged corruption charges have added further complexity to the decision-making process.

As the deadline approaches, the nation eagerly awaits the unveiling of President Tinubu’s cabinet, which will play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future. The President’s careful consideration and adjustments in finalizing the list of nominees reflect the intricacies of the political landscape and the need to balance various interests.