Tribunal Ruling: Atiku Takes Case to Supreme Court, Says we got judgment, not justice

The Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) has upheld the victory of President Bola Tinubu in the February 25 presidential election. The court dismissed the petition filed by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who challenged the outcome of the poll.

Atiku, a former Vice President, said he was not satisfied with the verdict of the court and vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn it. He claimed that he was denied justice by the PEPC and accused President Tinubu of rigging the election.

His team of lawyers, led by Chief Chris Uche, SAN, said they would file a notice of appeal as soon as possible and seek to prove their case at the apex court.

“Judgement has just been delivered but we have not received justice. Luckily, the Constitution has given us the right to go on appeal.

“This is the court of first instance. We still have the right to go on appeal to the Supreme Court and you see, this is a struggle that is not just for our client, but for the Constitution of this country, for the rule of law and democracy.

“We were expecting an outcome that will improve, encourage the use of technology to enhance election management, to enhance transparency, to enhance accountability, so that Nigerians will believe in democracy.

“So that Nigerians can come out in their masses like they did, to vote. We don’t want Nigerians to be discouraged.

“There are certain things and principle of law that he know that we need to explore and we strongly believe that when we get to Supreme Court, it will have the opportunity to review a number of things that have been said here today.

“We have the instruction of our client to go to the Supreme Court. So, we have asked for the records. We have asked for the judgement. We are going to apply for the transmission of the records because we have a very limited time to push this.

“So, the struggle continues and as it is said, it is not over until it is over,” Atiku’s lawyer added.