UK Commits £10m Facility to Bolster Food Security in Nigeria

The United Kingdom has unveiled a new aid initiative aimed at enhancing the climate resilience of Nigeria’s agriculture sector. UK’s Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly, announced the initiative during his address in Lagos as part of his 3-country visit to Africa.

The plan includes a £10 million UK-supported facility, in collaboration with finance company InfraCredit, to unlock funding for sustainable and climate-friendly infrastructure projects. These projects will focus on providing renewable energy services to urban households and promoting green housing.

Given that more than two-thirds of Nigeria’s population depends on agriculture as their primary source of employment, this funding is expected to bolster productivity and resilience in the face of climate change impacts. By addressing the challenges posed by climate change, the funding holds the potential to improve the livelihoods of Nigerians, protect the environment, and positively contribute to the overall climate situation.

The Foreign Secretary is scheduled to be in Abuja today, where he will announce a £55 million Propcom+ contract, a UK International Climate Finance program aimed at transforming Nigeria’s rural economy. Additionally, a £2.89 million grant will benefit over 4 million people across the country, empowering them to adopt and expand sustainable agricultural practices.

According to James Cleverly, “Nigeria has a booming population and the largest economy in Africa – there is huge potential for an even closer partnership between UK and Nigerian businesses which will be of mutual benefit to both countries.”

He further stated, “Together we are focusing on the future, putting in place green, clean measures, both in agriculture and infrastructure development, to create climate-resilient solutions for the global challenges we all face today and will increasingly face in the years to come.”

As part of his visit, the Foreign Secretary will meet with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and National Security Advisor Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to discuss the UK-Nigeria partnership and key common priorities. The discussions will center on improving bilateral trade and investment, economic development, and strengthening security cooperation between the two nations.

-Jesse Voyamba