UN Secretary General Calls on Security Council to Strengthen Peace Operations in Africa 

O. Adejo

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Gutteres, has urged the UN Security Council to strengthen peacekeeping operations in Africa, noting that gains made on the continent are diminishing.

The appeal, made while briefing members of the Security Council on Thursday, emphasised the importance of focusing more on prevention and resilience.

Gutteres noted that the exploitation of natural resources, as well as competition among different states for these resources on the continent, can lead to violent conflict.

He said, “The proposed New Agenda for Peace in the Our Common Agenda report prioritises prevention and peace-building investments. “Our peace operations must be empowered and equipped to play a larger role in sustaining peace at all stages and dimensions of conflict,”

Gutteres also outlined four UN priorities, starting with improved local community engagement and promoting more responsive and inclusive governments and institutions.

He made it clear to the Security Council that peacekeeping operations aided in the achievement of common goals such as legitimate, responsive, and inclusive governance. It also aided in the reduction of communal violence by providing a forum for dialogue and political participation.

Furthermore, he reminded the Security Council that “peacekeeping” played an important role in assisting UN operations by fostering resilience and sustaining peace.

“By acting early, strategically, and speaking with one voice, this Council can mobilise the international community’s political and financial support, as well as foster conflict actors’ commitment to securing peace.”

Mr. Gutteres’ concluded his address to the Security Council by noting that the rising geopolitical tensions, spreading insecurity, and powerful drivers of instability were the factors  escalating climate disaster, worsening hunger and poverty, and deepening inequalities.

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