VIP Magazine Publisher, Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael, to Receive the FIN Emerging Leader of the Year Award

The esteemed publisher of the VIP Magazine and CEO of the VIP Protocol International, Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael, will be honoured with the prestigious FIN Emerging Leader of the Year Award for 2023. This highly coveted award, presented by the Foreign Investment Network (FIN) in collaboration with the Forbes Best of Africa Award (Emerging Markets), recognizes exceptional leaders who have made significant positive contributions to their countries, sectors, and industries.

The award will be presented to Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael during the much-anticipated FIN-Forbes Investment/Leadership Forum and Award Reception, taking place on July 18, 2023, in London, United Kingdom. This event serves as a platform to celebrate outstanding individuals, influential businessmen, prominent political figures, and dynamic personalities who have demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities and have achieved remarkable success in their professional endeavours.

Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael’s nomination for the FIN Emerging Leader of the Year Award is a testament to his exemplary character, strong leadership qualities, unwavering commitment to excellence, and significant achievements as a dynamic professional and leader within the marketplace.

His exceptional leadership skills and experiences have not only enhanced his value within Nigeria but have also garnered recognition on the global stage. The FIN Emerging Leader of the Year Award acknowledges Mr Talabi’s remarkable contributions to the field and acknowledges his unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation.

Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael expressed his gratitude for the nomination, stating, “I am deeply honoured to be nominated for the FIN Emerging Leader of the Year Award. This recognition further inspires me to continue fostering positive change and promoting excellence within the media industry. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Foreign Investment Network and Forbes for this prestigious honour.”

The Editorial Board and the entire team of the VIP Magazine congratulate Mr Talabi Taiwo O. Michael on this remarkable achievement and wish him continued success in his endeavours. His recognition as the FIN Emerging Leader of the Year serves as a testament to his outstanding leadership and his commitment to driving innovation and positive change within the media landscape.

-O. Obaremi