Visa Ban: Tinubu Vows to Resolve Diplomatic Row Between Nigeria and UAE

President Bola Tinubu appealed for an immediate resolution to the ongoing discord between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which has affected Emirate airlines’ operations and the issuance of visas to Nigerian travelers.

He also urged African countries to seek solutions from within for their economic and security challenges and to honor their commitments and agreements.

President Tinubu made these remarks while receiving the Letters of Credence from three envoys at the State House: Mr. Awall Wagris Mohammed, Ambassador of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Mrs. Miriam Morales Palmero, Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba; and Mr. Salem Saeed Al-Shamsi, Ambassador of United Arab Emirate.

In a separate meeting with the Ethiopian envoy, he reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to strengthening its ties with African countries in trade, security, and economic growth.

“Africans need to work for the progress of Africa. We should be able to resolve our internal problems, collectively. It requires a great commitment, but we must do that. No one can understand our people better than we do. Home-grown solutions are better for all of us, and the remedies will last longer,” he implored.

The historic decisions of the President in the country and their impact on the continent were praised by Mohammed, who assured him of his commitment to enhance the relations between Nigeria and Ethiopia.

President Tinubu also met with the Ambassador of Cuba and lauded the nation for its achievements in developing indigenous medical sciences and providing accessible health care at the grassroots level, while contributing to the stability of their region.

He added that Nigeria and Cuba have some cultural affinities that can be leveraged to improve the welfare of their citizens, especially in tourism and other economic sectors.

“We should collaborate more in science and technology, an area that will improve the lives of our people, particularly the youthful population Nigeria is so blessed with,” President Tinubu told the envoy.

Receiving the UAE Ambassador, the President directed that issues affecting relations with the Emirates Airline, and issuance of visas to Nigerians should be “immediately’’ resolved, emphasizing that he stands prepared to “personally’’ intervene.

“We are a family with UAE, we only live in separate rooms, but we are in the same house. We should look at the issues as a family problem, and resolve it amicably. As you know in every family, there are peculiarities. You can have an erring son or daughter, but we must work together. We need to agree on core aviation and immigration issues,” the President stated.

The Ambassador of UAE said he already sees himself as a “Nigerian’’ considering the historical antecedents of the country, its long-standing leadership role in Africa, and its reputation for hospitality to strangers.

“Since I arrived in the country, I have been working on 24 agreements. We are getting somewhere. These are small issues, all within a family, and they will be resolved. I am grateful to be here in Nigeria. I am also very grateful to meet His Excellency, President Tinubu, who is a great leader in Nigeria, and Africa. Please accept me as a Nigerian and consider me a member of your team,” he appealed.