Nyesom Wike, former Governor of Rivers State and newly appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has articulated his commitment to rejuvenate and cleanse the Federal Capital Territory.

Following his inauguration at the Federal Capital Territory Development Agency in Abuja, Wike expressed his determination to address issues head-on, even if it means stepping on toes in the process. He emphasized that his actions will be guided by a resolute pursuit of what is right.

During his address, Wike expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for bestowing him with the responsibility and trust to hold such a pivotal position within the FCT Ministry. He acknowledged the endorsement of his appointment by the executive and members of his party, the opposition PDP, as a minister in President Tinubu’s cabinet.

Furthermore, Wike unequivocally declared an end to the era of impunity in the FCT. He issued a stern call to all individuals engaged in illegal activities within the territory to cease their actions and vacate the premises.

Wike also declared his intent to dismantle structures situated in green areas of the FCT, signaling his commitment to preserving the natural environment of the region. Additionally, he issued a notice to those possessing incomplete buildings within the FCT, urging them to either complete construction promptly or surrender the structures to the government.

The objective of these measures, according to Wike, extends beyond the restoration of the FCT’s former glory. He emphasized that this approach is pivotal in bolstering security, as numerous unfinished buildings have transformed into criminal hideouts in Abuja.

In his endeavor to bring about positive transformation, Wike extended a hand of cooperation to all stakeholders. His intention is to collaborate harmoniously to restore the FCT to its past splendor and to reinstate the masterplan that governs its development.

Concluding his address, Wike stated that the mission bestowed upon him by President Tinubu is to effect positive change within the FCT, reshaping it for the better.