Zamfara signs anti-banditry bill into law, those found guilty to face death penalty

Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle has signed the anti-banditry and other related offences bill into law.
The law, which takes effect immediately, provides for the death penalty for those found guilty of banditry and other related offences in Zamfara.

Matawalle stated shortly after signing the bill that the law was part of efforts to combat banditry, kidnapping, and cattle rustling in Zamfara.

On Monday, the state legislature passed the law: Prohibition and Punishment for Banditry, Cattle Rustling, Cultism, Kidnapping, and Other Incidental Offenses, 2022.
“Today, we signed the Prohibition and Punishment of Banditry, Cattle Rustling, Cultism, Kidnapping, and Other Incidental Offenses Act of 2022.”

“You may recall that I inaugurated four security-related committees on Monday as part of our counter-banditry initiatives.”
“The formation of the committees is intended to ensure the effective implementation of the security measures being taken to end the decades-long banditry and other security-related challenges,” he explained.
The governor stated that he had previously signed Executive Orders 7, 8, 9, and 10, which established the legal framework and operational guidelines for the committees.

Security, he believes, is the most fundamental focus of governance anywhere in the world. Matawalle went on to say that his government would go to any length, within the law, to secure the state and restore community peace.
“Zamfara State, under my leadership, will continue to investigate all possible solutions to our plight.”
“Those making insinuations about our decision to support community member’s right to self-defence against ruthless bandit attacks should consider the magnitude of the problem we face.”
“Our conventional security forces are operating in various theatres ranging from the southeast to the southwest, and from the northeast to the north-central, heroically battling varying degrees of security challenges.”
“They are not only overstretched but also lack sufficient modern equipment to effectively prosecute counter-banditry and insurgency warfare,” he said.
The new law stipulates that anyone found guilty of banditry, kidnapping, cattle rustling, cultism, or being a bandit informant faces the death penalty.
It also states that anyone found guilty of aiding and abetting the crimes faces life in prison, 20 years in prison, or 10 years in prison, with no option of a fine.

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